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I have a natural coaching style that allows me to use both technical aspects of the job, understanding of the individual, as well as story-telling; to facilitate understanding. My life experiences as well as comfort with both the exact and the not so exact sciences that allows me to be effective at all levels in organisations. My deep understanding of the public sector and the interaction between the executive management teams and politicians qualifies me to help teams with both intra-team and inter-team and across entities relationship and performance pressures. My deep analysis and questioning skills help unearth issues well in advance to allow for preparation and anticipation of stakeholder needs.

I coach leaders and other professionals, nudging them towards focusing on their mind, body and soul, for I believe that human development should go beyond the technical aspects of our pursuits, through a holistic, ‘whole-souled’ approach. Not only do they increase self-awareness (as a result), they expand to awareness of those who matter the most in their world, and revenue flows become their gift.

I place an exceptionally high value on integrity when it comes to my engagement with my clients. I regard it an essential building block to creating a trust relationship between myself and my client’s as well as to their own internal trust building in their relationships to their peers, superiors and employees. Integrity is about the predictability of my behaviour; of delivering on my promise.

Values based leadership forms the basis of my approach when I work with people, whether it may be in my role as trainer, facilitator or coach. Facilitating the creation of values based leadership and a values based culture in organisations is about social justice and long term sustainability.

When I facilitate, I use a holistic approach, balancing and integrating values, relationships, systems and actions. I get as much information about the individual or team and what it is that they require. I very rarely meet with a group unless I have had a one on one meeting and focus group meetings. I use different styles, depending on the desired outcome. Depending on whether it is a learning, planning, and relationship-building workshops, or if it is to implement systems and processes, I will use different styles of facilitation. Sometimes it is about building consensus, unearthing, or defending the unheard voice in the team. It could also be about the unfolding of the goal or vision and helping them to collectively come to a point of seeing the future.

As part of my Interim Assignments Services, I am Acting Managing Director at Kaizer Chiefs, as from the 1st of March – September 2013

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