Christo Nel

ChristoSouth Africa is the most real place on earth – it contains the dilemmas of the world. The rich diversity we work with in this country is very exciting and sometimes also very despairing.

His passion is writing poems, and he loves capturing the issue. Christo is at his happiest when he’s been able to capture the imagery that’s in his head. “I enjoy capturing, creating and transferring knowledge. I enjoy casting the knowledge out there and learning from how people play with it. I have a zero ownership attitude towards my experience and knowledge. I have a deep responsibility inside myself to enable others to make some sense of it.”

Christo wants to be at the peak of his being by the time he hits 60. He wants to feel, from month to month, that he’s influenced something or someone, and made a difference, no matter how small, and wants to live that with real consciousness.

Christo feels that he has achieved Rumi’s challenge: “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do!”

Combining vision with action
Christo is an incredibly fast integrator of ideas and thoughts, of bringing it all together and executing it. “I have a sheer belief that vision without action is merely unfulfilled dreams. A strength for me is bringing together the imperative of creating action that fulfils vision, and vision that guides action.”

One of Christo’s biggest strengths is that of conscious fathering which has blessed him with one of the most superb relationships a father and son could have. Christo and his son Roark have an incredibly special relationship and this love shines through in everything he does in both his personal and professional life.

Christo definitely owns his own rank, but he seldom pulls rank. He also actively mines the belief that every person has a contribution to make – “it’s about mining the greatness in other people”. He has an irreverence for stupid rules and bureaucracy and that sometimes gets him into trouble!

Creating a place where change happens
Christo’s dreams for the Village are for it to be a portal through which a rich diversity of people and clients can transform their businesses and their people. He wants the Village to contribute to unleashing the leader that lives within each individual; for the Village to never grow staid – to always have a healthy balance between working with proven stuff and testing the edges; and to create and sustain a network of abundance that is driven by Village specialists and our clients.

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