Our Directors

All our directors are well respected senior specialists in the fields of leadership, diversity, organisational development, change leadership, and people development. We have a minimum of a masters level degree in business administration or coaching.  We have 40% BEE shareholding.


Goodnews village pic 2013Goodnews Cadogan

Goodnews  has a natural coaching style that allows him to use both technical aspects of the job, understanding of the individual, as well as story-telling; to facilitate understanding. His a life experience as well as comfort with both the exact and the not so exact sciences allows him to be effective at all levels in organisations. His deep understanding of the public sector and the interaction between the executive management teams and politicians qualifies him to help teams with both intra-team and inter-team and across entities relationship and performance pressures. Read more

Christo Nel Profile 2013Christo Nel

The single biggest thing that excites and interests Christo the most is seeing people achieving more than they thought they would achieve – living to their full potential and living in their skin. Christo has an uncompromising love for Africa, its people, the continent.
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Kerry 4Kerry Sandison

Kerry’s vision is to see people breaking through barriers and do the things they thought impossible. How does she do it? “You can’t fix people but you can nurture and help them travel the journey of development through facilitation. Be realistic about the contribution one can make”




Estelle Gautier 

Estelle is the conductor of the Leadership Diagnostics System. She actualized the Village’s vision of “diagnostic driven development” through the development of our online diagnostics platform, thereby enabling local and international consultants and their clients to access the Village Leadership & OD products. “Every respondent is our most important client” – a value that is tangible in every interaction she has with our network of OD consultant to enable them to deliver an excellent service to their clients.