The Village has developed a body of products and services that form part of, or complement, the leadership and organisational development frameworks unique to the Village (the Leadership-Lead-Lag leadership and OD architecture). These products and services include diagnostic measurement tools, such as the Beehive questionnaire (a culture assessment tool which measures New Economy Leadership and Competitiveness within an organisation), the VISA (Vision-Interdependence-Structure-Action) questionnaires (which address organisation and individual leadership, and assess the areas of: Business Performance Management; Customer Satisfaction; Personal Leadership; Team Leadership and Strategic Leadership).

What Makes Our Products Unique

Our programmes use the best of current leadership thinking and research to equip leaders to lead in ways that are organisationally productive and personally satisfying.

What makes the programmes unique is that they:

  • Operate from a systemic viewpoint.
  • Give delegates practical tools that can immediately be used in their own work environment.
  • Introduce delegates to Strategic, Structural and People Leadership Best Practices and explores the personal and organisational implications.
  • Work with delegates’ real time work issues in the form of personal case studies.
  • Provide a practical leadership model for individual and group problem solving and team development.
  • Enable delegates to mine and leverage diversity.
  • Take delegates on a journey of personal discovery to explore their unique leadership fingerprint.
  • Allow leaders to increase their success by receiving personal feedback on style and impact.
  • Develop the ability of delegates to unleash personal and collective energy.
  • Allow delegates to deal with the world of leadership paradoxes at their level.
  • Develop effective leadership integrated at the Me – We – Work – World levels.
  • Use questionnaires to create insight into personal and  organisational challenges.
  • Enable delegates to establish their personal leadership profile with both their strengths and challenges.
  • Create a common framework for leadership in the organisation.