VISA to (W)hole Personal Leadership

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VISA to (W)hole Personal Leadership

Diagnostic of individual and Team Leadership

Underlying Philosophy

Leadership consists of many paradoxes that need to be applied to create sustainable performance. But, is not possible for any individual to be competent at the diversity of factors of integrated leadership. It is, therefore, necessary for any individual to let go of the idea that they can be a complete leader. The consequence is that high performance leadership is a team activity in which diverse individuals complement one another’s capabilities.

Core Beliefs

VISA is part of a much larger direction in leadership research and theory which could be defined a “quadrant frameworks.” They all have a few things in common:

  • Leadership consists of a mix of four quadrants that represent various facets of leadership.
  • No individual can be excellent at all four quadrants.
  • Every individual and even teams have preferences which define the individual’s or team’s preferences and styles of perceiving things and making decisions.
  • The various preferences represented by the quadrants will often compete or even conflict with one   another.
  • There are no “right or wrong, better or worse” combinations of preferences.


Individuals and teams need to explore and comprehend how their individual and collective   preferences, combined or mutual perspectives, and competing of potentially conflicting perspectives  influence and impact their perceptions and decisions.


  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding others
  • Valuing diverse styles
  • Influencing others
  • Problem solving


  • Enables going beyond our automatic responses to others
  • Promotes seeking commonality while valuing differences
  • Practical, simple, wide application, every day relevance
  • Provides structure for thinking and leading conversations
  • Enables going beyond the usual suspects of prejudice
  • Dialogue enabler
  • Personal sense – making catalyst
  • VISA is the foundation programme for diagnostics with other applications
  • Online and easy to administer


  • Enhancing personal comprehension of one’s style which includes preferences and resistances relating to four facets of leadership
  • Coach working with a coaching client
  • Manager optimizing the contribution of team members
  • Working with individuals or team members to explore interpersonal conflict
  • Building high performance teams

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