The Beehive Survey

The Beehive survey of  the seven drivers of high performance organisations

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Underlying philosophy

A high performance organisation culture consists of a set of drivers that, together, enhance the resilience and sustainability of an organisation. The Beehive identifies seven key drivers that contribute to achieving high performance. Responsible leadership is based upon the capacity of individuals and teams to consciously intervene in the system by entrenching the various drivers.

Integral to this leadership imperative is the need to make a conscious choice to consistently live the underlying values that determine how the drivers will be executed in the organisation.

The seven drivers of the Beehive are:

  • Strategy execution
  • Change leadership
  • Talent Creation
  • Reward and recognition
  • Structures
  • Business disciplines
  • Stakeholder value


Core Beliefs

  • A core belief that is rooted in the work of Peter Drucker is that culture eats strategy for breakfast.
  • It is necessary to implement a set of drivers that mutually reinforce one another.
  • All the pieces of a sustainable high-performance culture must be aligned and rooted in the same values.
  • It is both possible and essential to shift the culture of an organisation to meet the demands of the 21st Century.
  • Shifts happen when everybody across functions are involved in the implementation and maintenance of core drivers.
  • Provides a practical set of guidelines for individuals and teams to target realistic and steady entrenchment of a high-performance culture
  • Research indicates that competitive organisations achieve significantly higher scores in these seven areas than the average organisation.



  • Establish the status of an organisation’s culture
  • Drive a positive shift in values
  • Enable people across all levels to become involved in creating a high-performance culture
  • Track shifts and changes over time across seven drivers
  • Customise the implementation to meet the diverse needs of different functions and areas of the business



  • Simple and quick to implement
  • Create a common language throughout the system
  • Assess how well various areas of the business have improved
  • Helps focus interventions and initiatives in an aligned and integrated way



  • Assess the culture of the organisation
  • Distinguish between and assess the seven drivers of a high-performance culture
  • Diagnose the developmental stages that an organisation has to go through to shift to the next level of high performance