Our Diagnostic instruments  provide information-based insights, affirmation of current practices and learning challenges to enable the building of sustainable, high performance organisations.

The surveys and questionnaires are rooted in a well-established body of theory and Organisational Development (OD) frameworks. This provides the knowledge base which  enables our team of Organisation Development practitioners to work closely with our clients to develop targeted, needs based OD interventions.

Our online diagnostics system is designed for the convenience of leaders and their teams to deliver their responses online in their own time and in total anonymity.

Our diagnostic instruments (surveys and questionnaires):

  • Organisational culture survey – Beehive
  • VISA to (W)hole Personal Leadership
  • VISA to (W)hole Strategy Execution
  • VISA to High Impact Leadership and Teaming (HILT)
  • VISA to Business Performance Management
  • VISA to People Leadership
  • Evolution of Integrated Management Practices
  • Practice of Leadership (organizational)
  • Practice of Leadership (individual)
  • High Impact Leadership and Teaming
  • Leadership Values Shift


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We will contact you:

One of our directors will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your organisation’s challenge so that the most appropriate diagnostic instruments can be used to meet your needs. Please send us a message to estellegautier@villageofleaders.co.za