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Malicious compliance to BBBEE- Governance Week 2013 – Presentation by Goodnews Cadogan

Malicious Compliance to BBB-EE: The greatest impediment to the creation of high performance organisations and an inclusive economy

BBB-EE is part of a wider compendium of legislation design to influence economic transformation in South Africa. Most leaders (Boards, Executive Committees) have not yet adopted this noble initiative as their own. Malicious Compliance, or just meeting the minimum requirements, without shifting the leadership culture, is the most common approach. I believe SA Corporate leaders can, and should do more, even to the point of building capacity in government, for the sake of efficacious monitoring & evaluation, and even influencing the national agenda, as to WHY. My belief is that one of the noble goals is to create an inclusive economy, at a macro & micro level through values-based leadership. A common values development process is a National Project that should be considered by the Presidency, NEDLAC, and the organised labour movement, organised business leadership & employers, as well as the relevant Ministries like Labour, Trade & Industry & Mining.

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