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Talent Creation by Christo Nel

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People are not your most important asset. The right people are.   Jim Collins

For any economy to grow and for a society to survive and prosper the development of talent is the primary challenge. In this paper Christo Nel explores what the challenge of talent creation entails.




·      The organisation is widely recognised as a portal for talent – people want to work here because it makes their CVs so much more valuable.

·      The organisation understands that in today’s world it is difficult to retain the best talent all of the time, so when leave they treat them as valued alumni.

·      People who leave the organisation remain raving fans of the place – they tell others that it’s a great place to work.

·      Talented people are readily transferred across boundaries to optimise their growth.

·      The organisation sees itself as a contributor to the interests of individuals – inside or outside the organisation.

·      Managers are rewarded for their clear capacity to spot and grow talent. read more

Growing your own wood – by Christo Nel


Leadership transformation in South Africa: Companies need to invest in their leadership in order to be sustainable.

There is a very real crisis of unemployment in this country, with significant elements of the solution lying in the transformation of how business leadership views the role of their organisations in society.

The South African private sector post-1994 has generally shown exceptional growth in terms of generating profit, performance on the stock exchange and share growth, and international trade. However, this period has also seen ‘jobless’ growth, creating an unequal balance between rich and poor and diminishing opportunities for job seekers.  Transformation in corporate leadership and the role of business in society is vital to contribute to the sustainable evolution of South Africa.  read more