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Leadership Greatness begins with Leadership Coaching by Goodnews Cadogan

Pan African Coaching symposium : CAD05100

The time has come for African leaders and coaches to come together and accept that coaching belongs in the continent as one of the levers that can enhance leadership capability in all forms of organization existence. For our continent to prosper, it should have prosperous regions. For the African regions to prosper, they have to have successful member countries, and these countries should not only have great leaders, they should have great coaches.

Leadership greatness begins with leadership coaching, in one form or another. In the African tradition, the healing profession and traditional authority are one such good examples of how coaching has made it possible to pass on, from one generation to another, the art and practice of same. Coaching is one of the cornerstones of indigenous knowledge systems. Modern schools of thought on coaching, borrow a lot from how our ancestors have always passed on practice of any of their crafts through coaching and mentoring.
I invite you, together with my partners, to share, craft and envision the role of coaching in the socio-economic development of the African continent.
If you are a coaching executive in a corporation, public or private, or in government and even in the non-governmental sector, you ought to be here. If you are a highly respected professional in any discipline, or just a C-Suite or other executive, you may want to join us, and you will come out richer as we shape the malleable role of coaching in leadership development for Africa’s growth.

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High Impact Leadership & Learning Creates Sustainable Change by Christo Nel

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It is critical that organisations commit ongoing resources to executive development to ensure survival and growth in an increasingly competitive business environment. By its nature, executive education tends to be costly, making it imperative that the training has a significant impact both on the organisation and the individual.

Certain South African organisations have used approaches that vary considerably from traditional leadership development techniques in order to intensify the gains made in executive programmes. Collectively, these interventions can be called High Impact Leadership and Learning and they signify a blurring of the boundaries between education, organisational development and consulting.
Education usually focuses on the input required in a particular situation and is not necessarily concerned with the application or execution of the knowledge gained. It is up to the individual to ensure that the learning is applied to the work situation.

In the conventional consulting situation, the client pays for output and expects results within the business. The

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Life as a Village – Creating the Wholesome Organisation by Kerry Sandison



It has become all too common to hear people complain that their workplaces are “soulless and lack spirit.” Research that The Village Leadership Consulting has conducted demonstrates that a primary reason is that people often feel that their worklife is shorn of a sense of community, common mindedness and sense of shared purpose. Our research is leading us to conclude that organisations that are sustainably competitive instinctively and consciously comprehend that humans are essentially social of “village” beings. In this series of two articles Kerry Sandison explores the challenge of seeing and establishing the sense of the village in modern organisations.

The village for most of us modern city dwellers conjures up romantic notions of an idyllic country town, rustic, peaceful, beautiful.  In the exhausting busyness and stress of modern living it is a fantasy of a different way of being, of living. We see this in the number of people who choose to holiday in small towns, on islands, in simple palm fronded huts on the beach and in quaint rural villages. In many parts of the world there has been an explosion of small town festivals that people go to annually, almost like pilgrims heading for the opportunity to meet on the village green, to sing, dance, eat and drink among strangers who become friends for a moment in handshakes, embraces, laughter, shared stories of which plays and art exhibitions to see and which to avoid, what live music is a must, where the best food can be found and where the bargain shopping can be done. It is as if for those few days we see in the people that have traveled to the festival, a recognition of something shared, a piece of our own interests, ourselves  reflected in them, they are unknown and yet at some level familiar.

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Leading without blinkers, imagine the power by Paul de Beer

Recently I consulted to a particular executive team regarding their company structure.  Working with the team early one morning, I started by having them imagine their business in a few years time having achieved a high level of success.  They then worked in two groups to draw up what the describing attributes would be in that scenario.  Next I had the team draw up the attributes considering the worst case scenario, that of the business having failed.  At this point they started looking rather concerned, and commented that many of the negative scenario attributes existed in the present.

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