About Us

The Village Leadership Consulting facilitates and consults to clients in the areas of leadership development, change management and organisational development.  We draw from a network of experienced consultants in these specialist fields in order to offer the most appropriate intervention to the client.  We bring together the underlying human dynamic processes by which clients achieve optimum people performance.

Our Philosophy & Practice

  • We offer seasoned expertise: The Directors and Associates of The Village Leadership Consulting, on average, have more than 15 years of experience in the fields of organisational transformation and building high performance leadership. We do not “use our clients as a primary place of learning for our associates.”
  • We are business-focused: Amongst us we have specialists who have operated as CEOs, MDs, FDs, HRDs, and Partners in international services firms and non-executive directors of listed companies. Everything we do is focused on making a discernable difference to business performance.
  • We are specialists: The average qualification of our Directors and Associates are at a Masters or equivalent level.
  • We know that collaboration is the basis of sustainable change: We have established and provide a rich body of Best Operating Practices, but we only accept assignments where our client is willing to commit to a process of co-creation and collaboration to craft and execute optimum solutions.
  • We enjoy transferring competence: One of our most prized core competencies is the capacity to transfer competencies (knowledge, skills, expertise, attitudes) to our clients.
  • We invest in research and knowledge sharing: Village Directors and Associates have been involved in pragmatic, empiric research into the drivers of high performance leadership and sustainable organisational competitiveness since the mid 1980s. We share this knowledge abundantly.
  • We engage in robust knowledge development with our client: We do not advocate fixed formulas or false politeness. We engage robustly in testing assumptions, exploring best practices, and enhancing or transforming what exists within our client’s organisation.
  • We believe that “What you measure is what you get”: Together with our client, we set desired objectives, evaluate the status of the organisation, and entrench “virtuous monitoring” as a discipline to track and sustain progress.


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