object(stdClass)#97 (4) {
  string(1) "1"
  string(178) "When the best in people is tapped into and their aspirations are heard, then energy is unleashed that impacts personal and organisational performance positively."
  string(45) "http://www.villageofleaders.co.za/about-tvlc/"
  string(13) "orchestra.jpg"
1 http://www.villageofleaders.co.za/about-tvlc/ orchestra.jpg
2 http://www.villageofleaders.co.za/high-impact-leadership-learning-creates-sustainable-change-by-christo-nel/ diagram.jpg
3 http://www.villageofleaders.co.za/products-services/overview/ bulbs.jpg

Unique Products

Our programmes use the best of current leadership thinking and research to equip leaders to lead in ways that are organisationally productive and personally satisfying…

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Client Centric Consultancy

We follow a client centric approach to what we deliver to our clients – we tailor interventions to meet your specific needs where larger interventions typically consist of a mix of consulting & training…

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Receive tools not just information

Our work with your teams includes not just valuable information, but learners are given practical implementable tools that can be directly applied to their own work…

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